With Mother’s Day 3 weeks away I figured I better get started sooner rather than later! I’ve learned that in the crafting world it’s never too early to work on the next Holiday project! Inspired by Topiary art around the world and the awesome Mandy Leahy I’ve decided to make my own version!

I am working on a 3D Flower Topiary using my favorite cartridge… The Close To My Heart Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge!! I’m telling you! There is no end to all that you can do with this one cartridge!

The supplies that I have purchased for this project are:

  • 5″ foam ball
  • Quilting Pins size 28 – 1.75″
  • wooden dowel
  • floral foam half-ball (1 7/8″ x 3 7/8″) for base
  • green paint to cover dowel
  • Spanish moss
  • small pot

I also have these supplies on hand:

  • Close To My Heart Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge

I found the foam ball at Walmart for $3, the Quilting pins with yellow tips also at Walmart! They were $7 for a 400 count! The small pot here was $1 at Target in the dollar bins. The wooden dowel came in a 10ct pack and was $3, the foam half-ball was $3, and Spanish Moss $3 all at Michaels.

For this 5″ foam ball I used 106 flowers using the Art Philosophy cricut cartridge. My flowers are a bit small, you can change the size of the flowers if you’d prefer. I cut 88 light purple and purple flowers that were 2.75″ wide in two different flower types for variety. Half were the flower from page 68 the other half page 69. Then I cut 20 dark purple flowers (page 68) at 5″ wide. After you get these flowers rolled and glued the assembly can begin.

First, I covered the wooden dowel with green acrylic paint. Insert the wooden dowel into both the foam ball and the pot with the foam inside to know where to leave the foam open (empty) for the dowel. Remove the dowel from the foam and paint green (or whatever color you prefer). Allow to dry. Next, start placing the flowers. I started off pinning the first dark purple flower and circled it with smaller flowers continuing in this pattern until the foam is completely covered. As I have mentioned before you just have to jump in and start pinning the flowers. Don’t think about pattern so much as making sure your foam doesn’t show through around the flowers. When I finished with the flowers I noticed some small gaps and I went back and filled those in with little green leaves and butterflies. This is completely optional, everyone in my house agreed that you really couldn’t see the foam unless you were up close and personal!

I cut the leaves from the Art Philosophy cartridge on page 56 (press shift, it’s the 4th row down 6 across) at 1″ wide. I cut about 30 leaves and just placed them randomly. I also decided to add smaller leaves, like a vine growing on the dowel so I cut the branch of leaves from the AP cartridge on page 35 at 5.5″ wide. I cut 2 and snipped off some of the 2nd branch (to shorten it to fit my dowel) and then glued the two together and then twisting up the dowel to the top. I used floral wire to wrap around the branch of leaves and the dowel to keep the vines in place. I cut the butterflies 2″ wide in orange and yellow and also the top layer in the same sizes in shimmery black and bronze colors. I glued the layers (only the body of butterfly) together and folded up the wings and hot glued the butterflies to some floral wire and then inserted the wire into the foam around the flowers to make it look like they were hovering around the flowers. The last step is covering the foam in the pot with the Spanish moss. Since I bought a half ball the moss didn’t stay as well as it would have if the foam were flat. I used my hot glue gun for this, a quick squiggle of hot glue and then carefully pressing the moss down into the glue kept the moss in place. Trim to make it neat and it’s done! Add a pretty bow and it’s ready to gift!!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask!! I’m still new at this blogging stuff so if I didn’t explain something fully let me know! Thanks & Happy Mother’s Day!