So I am way far behind in my son’s Scrapbooking I decided to set a Goal for myself. I decided about a month ago to set this goal in that I would make two 2 page Layouts a week in hope to catch up to my son… who will be turning 6 in 2 months! As you can see from the pictures in this layout I am WAY far behind… lol! Much to my surprise I have only completed 4 layouts in the past 4 weeks so I guess it more like one 2 page layout a week.

My Most favorite thing is that there are a total of 11 pictures in this layout! I used “Flip Flaps“, I have never used them before but I knew I just HAD too. I love all of the pictures of my little man sunbathing and did not want to just choose a few. So Flip flaps was the way to incorporate more pictures into the lay out with out overwhelming it.


Here is the left page:

Here is a close up of the little cloud “flap” I cut out and strategically placed over his cute little bum 😉


Right Page:

Isn’t He ADORABLE! 😉

So in this layout is where the Flip Flaps come in handy under each of these pictures there are really 3-4 pictures.  So for this page alone there are a total of 9 pictures!


Here is picture of the “Flip Flaps” flipped up! I only took a picture of the first ones. If you keep flipping the pictures, there are more under each one.

So there you have it my Dotty for you meets Flip Flaps Layout! I love the colors and the fun feel of this paper pack!

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