What you will want to do is take the first letter and position it so that there is a horizontal starting point on the graphed index paper.  Then you will place each letter after within same horizontal graph line.  I am spelling the word “spooky”.  You will see that the first letter and last letters are on same horizontal graph line.

You will now place the My Acrylix® block over the stamps, keeping stamps centered on block press gently and lift, the stamps should now be on block.   Lift up on block, season stamp by stamping on back of hand then apply to ink pad.


Good practice:  Do a test stamp before final stamp so you can reposition letters if not aligned.  After letters are aligned, re-apply ink and apply inked stamps to cardstock or paper to create your image.


Close To My Heart© Tip: Place foam insert from stamp set under the cardstock or paper before stamping image to allow better ink coverage.

Tip: For your My Acrylix® letter stamps, keep one of the graphed index cards enclosed with the envelope they come in for next use.

Supplies:  Set of My Acrylix® letter stamps, cardstock or paper, graphed index cards, My Acrylix® block and Essential Inks™ stamp pad.