Hi girls, I was requested to explain how I did the window box card.  What I originally did was surf the web looking for a diffrent card to make, i feel I have to try everything at least once:)  While surfing I saw several youtube sites that made this type of card and the all basically said the same thing.  Splitcoast Stampers is a site you can find instruction on.

On each of the tutorials they  used 2 pieces of card stock  5 1/2 by 4 and 1/4 , I wanted a little bigger card so I modified it. Here is what I did..

I cut 2 pieces of card stock, one white and the other printed @ 8 1/2 by 5 1/2.    I cut a 4 inch circle in the printed paper (Elementals paper) by going to the tool setting on  my Cricut Expression2 and resetting my start position… I went down 1/2 inch and over to the right 2 1/4″, then cut the 4 inch circle.  If you have a circle cutter, you can use that.

Next, I scored the white card stock and the patterned paper at 1 inch and 2 inch on both ends (5 1/2 inch ends).   Fold the scored lines closest to the circle towards the circle and then fold the line closest to the end away from the circle.  Mountain valley style.    Now is the time to decorate the white paper, with what you want to show in the window, you can also put embellishment on the pattern paper on the inside like  I did with the Bird from the Stella paper stickers.   After you have done this to both pieces… use strong tape adhesive, I use  the score tape and tape only the 2  one inch scored section on both ends together.  Now you have your shadow box.  If you are going to do any decorating on the front of the pattern paper, you may want to decorate it before you glue the 2 papers together.

I hope you like my post, and you understood my instruction…this is my first post here. Happy crafting!