Are you wanting to make a Spring Wreath? Check out how Cydney Fowler of the Damask Divas team made this gorgeous wreath using the MUST HAVE Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge.

Have your Cricut machine on medium speed, medium-high pressure and blade depth four (or whatever combination works best for you). The flower I used was a rose type (font, shift-lock, bottom row, third from right on fleur-di-lis). The larger roses are 4” and the smaller are 2 ¾”. Put your paper on the mat and load it. Press the buttons as above to select the flower. Cut four 4” and five 2 ¾” to a page. Use the quantity button and set the quantity to four, press cut. Cut the four 4” roses then leave the mat in place. Change the size to 2 ¾” and turn the quantity button off then back on. Then select quantity five and press cut (the Cricut will not cut six on the remaining paper – it “knows” there is not enough room). Do this for each of the flower colors. You should have 8 large and 10 small roses in each color. When done cutting flowers, put the Sweet Leaf paper in. Use Leaf 4. Cut 36 leaves at 1 ½” and 40 at 1” using the same process with the quantity button. You will have room on the page to cut more leaves if you like. Save any leftover, solid, uncut pieces for your stash by cutting them off the scrap page.

Roll the flowers around an ink pen barrel or similar tool. Start rolling at the small end so you stop at the bigger tag. Let the roll unfurl a little and the press the rolled up part onto the tag. Once you like the shape, put glue on the tag and press down from the top and bottom of the flower until it looks good. Don’t worry about crushing it a little; you can straighten it and it makes the flower look more natural. You will get better at rolling with practice. If you have never made flowers before you might want to practice on scrap paper first. I took a little screwdriver and pressed the first inside scallop of the flower into the center of the flower into the glue. This gives you a solid center to pin the flower to the foam circle. Continue rolling up all the flowers. Once I had the flowers all cut out, I admit I watched TV while I rolled and glued. For the leaves, I used the embossing tool to put score lines to look like veins on each leaf.

Once the glue is dry, pin the large flowers somewhat evenly spaced around the front of the circle and the edge of the circle as shown in the photo. Push the pin with the pearl centered and push into the foam and flower until it stops. My screwdriver has a small flat head on the handle and I used that to push stubborn pins in. Then fill in the space around the large flowers with the small ones. Once you have all of the flowers pinned on, you will fill in any spaces where the green shows from the front with leaves. Don’t put any flowers to far towards the back of the circle since that will hang up against the wall or door. Fold the leaves in half and open back out to give dimension. Place a drop of glue on the stem end of each leaf and push under the edge of a flower. Hold the wreath facing you from time to time so you can see where the green shows through and put leaves there. I put some yellow glitter glue I had on hand in the center of each of the front facing large flowers.

Cut a length of ribbon for a hanger. Use the corsage pins to pin the ribbon to the back of the foam circle. If you prefer you can glue some other type of hanger to the back.

Enjoy your beautiful Spring Wreath! You can change the colors to match the season and/or use different flowers and leaves to customize to your preferences. I made these pretty pastel roses because it reminded me of a beautiful bouquet of roses my husband gave me for our anniversary years ago – it was so pretty it has stuck in my mind. I love red roses, but the pastels were a showstopper. Have fun!


CTMH Spring Paper Pack – X5917
(2 pages each of Baby Pink, Taffy, Buttercup and Amethyst. I page of Sweet Leaf)
8 inch green Styrofoam wreath ring
A box of 1 ½” Corsage Pins
Piece of ribbon for hanger
Optional: yellow glitter glue


Cricut Expression or similar machine
CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge – Z1686
White Glue (I used a quick dry glue)
Pen barrel for wrapping flowers
Small screwdriver or other pointy tool
Dry Embossing/Scoring Stylus – Z608

Created by Cydney Fowler, Damask Divas Team
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